Welcome To The Texas Coffee Club

A Coffee Subscription Roasted In Texas

By Texans, for Texans

Texas Coffee Club is committed to sending you delicious, hand crafted, Texan artisan coffees. When shopping at a grocery store, you are missing the full experience that freshly roasted coffee can provide. However, by joining Texas Coffee Club, you have access to a wide variety of unique, artisan coffees that grocery stores cannot offer, and can take a quiz to determine what is perfect for you. As soon as your preferred coffee is roasted, it's bagged and shipped directly to your door! By joining Texas Coffee Club, you have endless coffee flavor possiblilities.

How Does it Work?

We Connect

We connect with 40 family owned Texan coffee roasters and over 200 unique coffee flavors.


You personalize your subscription specific to your taste by quiz or choice.

You Recieve

Your coffee is shipped within 48 hours of roasting and will arrive to you door for you enjoyment.

Why Choose Us?

There are over 100 roasters in the Lone Star State and each has a story as to why they began their coffee journey. While each roaster has a uniqe story, they all have one thing in common: they love coffee and they love roasting. All of our rosters are committed to their local communities, the state of Texas, and a host of meaningful causes. Unfortunately, many Texan are not represented in other coffee subscription services like they deserve to be. by joining Texas Coffee Club, you are supporting the Texan community and showing you Texan pride.

What About Quality?

You will find no greater selection of coffees than from our Texas Coffee Club Roaster family. Every roster offers a variety of coffee so that you can go on an artisanal journey and enjoy our roasters' unique interpretations of countless flavors. With Texas Coffee Club, there is no shortage of coffee to try, and no worries of quality.

Who's Runnin' the Show?

Kevin McCreary
Founder and Chief Architect

Kevin is from Houston, Texas and with his family, lived abroad in Norway and Brazil. He built out the concept and architecture for our coffee subscription service and continues to think of new ideas for Texas Coffee Club. Kevin tests positive for espresso and pour over as well as a home fully-stocked with electronic gadgets.

Chris Underwood
Development Lead

Chris is from Amarillo, Texas and a brilliant developer. On top of that, he's a physicist. There isn't a technical software or hardware issue that has ever stumped Chris. Chris tests positive for fast-food burgers and fries.

Brian Hall
Digital Marketing Lead

Brian is from the Clear Lake City area of Houston, Texas. He is a former lacrosse player and is an absolute guru in social media marketing and, more broadly, digital marketing. Brian tests positive for tattoos and caffeine.

Hannah McCreary
Graphic Designer

Hannah is from Pearland, Texas. She's been an artist her entire life and now uses her talent to design websites. When she isn't working, she's attending classes at the University of Houston or studying hard. Hannah test positive for dogs.