Why Texas Coffee

If you look past your local grocery store for quality coffee, chances are you are already a pretty knowledgeable coffee drinker... or at least an aspiring one. That's no knock on grocery stores but the truth is, the best coffee is going to come from artisanal roasters. These roasters are more concerned about sourcing, flavors, roasting and the overall quality of their craft than just moving bags of coffee.

When you buy a bag of coffee from an artisan roaster, you're getting coffee that is the freshest of fresh. In fact, all of our roasters guarantee that they will ship you your coffee within 24-48 hours of roasting. You can't beat that with a stick! And when you step up to a coffee subscription service, your supply of specialty coffee never runs dry.

But why buy from Texas roasters?

Good question. I'm glad you asked. There are over 100 roasters in the Lone Star State and each has a story as to why they chose to put out their coffee roasting shingle. Ultimately, the stories all boil down to a single theme... they love coffee and they love roasting. Their ultimate payoff is when they hear their customers have enjoyed a cup of their coffee. They are also committed to their local communities, the Great State of Texas and a host of meaningful causes. Check them out for yourself. You can see this on their websites and social media accounts. But back to your question... why Texas Roasters. I think the answer is twofold. First, you're not going to find any better coffee in the world. Is that because Texans are better at roasting than other states? Not necessarily. Of course, as Texans ourselves, we're biased and like to think so. But the truth is that there are some mighty fine roasters in other parts of the world. They're just not any better than Texans. Second, your fellow Texans could use your support. They have devoted their lives to their craft. Every bag of coffee they sell helps keep them in business and provide jobs.

Is that All?

Another good question! And the answer is a most emphatic No! It gets back to whether you're a coffee aficionado or one in the making. You will find no greater selection of coffees than from our Texas Coffee Club Roaster family. If you know you are a serious fan of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, you will find no shortage of roasters' takes on that single-origin coffee. You can go on an artisanal journey to Ethiopia and enjoy multiple roasters interpretation of that historic coffee bean. And while you're in Ethiopia, try out the Ethiopia Guji Natural from Civil Goat or the Ethiopia Natural Sidamo from Odd Duck.

Never heard of Yirgacheffee? No worries. We got you covered! You can learn about this bean by visiting Scottie Dog Coffee, Buon Giornio Coffee or a number of other roasters in our family. Let them educate you and persuade you to try it out.

We all have our coffee story to tell

My coffee journey began as I was studying for the CPA exam too many years ago. At that time, I was downing cups of coffee and popping Vivarin after working 15 hour days. (As an aside, I even took my study materials with me on my honeymoon!) My journey took me to Pescara, Italy where this thing called Espresso changed my life. From there the journey has included Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Norway, France, Angola, Egypt, Greece, Vietnam... well, you get the picture. And I'm sure you have your own story. (Please share it with us at info@coffeeclub.smartgroup-us.com.) We would consider it an honor if you let us join you in your journey.